How to choose a wireless / bluetooth mouse?

Welcome to our wireless mouse and Bluetooth. Today they are widely used. They are more ergonomic and more practical than standard wired mice. But many criteria must be taken into account before choosing the mouse best suited to your needs.

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The criteria for choosing a wireless / bluetooth mouse

The choice of a wireless mouse is based on 7 criteria which we explain to you below.

The sensitivity of the mouse

The sensitivity of the mouse includes the surface and the speed of movement of the mouse. It is expressed in DPI or PPP (). It is possible on certain models of the located on the mouse for optical technology. The higher the sensitivity value, the more the sensitivity will be increased.

Sensitivity depends on the tastes of the user who prefers it weak for office use and high for use in video games.

The type of pointer

There are 2 types of pointer: l ’and le . It retransmits the movements made on the mouse via a signal located below its surface to transcribe them to the screen. The majority of mice are equipped with optical technology. The difference in and of is not noticeable for office use.

The more advanced laser pointers adapt more to video game fans and / or can be used on or in .

The type of refill

The type of refill is an important element to take into account. First price models work . Although not very energy intensive, it is important to equip yourself with rechargeable batteries for better use.

High-end models often integrate one for rapid recharge via an integrated battery for several days of use.

Other models offer to recharge the mouse via a small battery to be connected to the mains regularly.


Ergonomics allows better control of the mouse. It is advisable to choose a model with one than the basic models sold with laptops to make handling more pleasant.

In addition, a larger surface will allow the hand to spread over the entire mouse, which will make it more comfortable to use.


There are different types of surfaces. The comfort to the touchdown is suitable for grabbing the thumb. A mouse will be more pleasant to use while a will allow a better weight balance between the index and the middle finger.


The majority of wireless mice incorporate a scroll wheel and 2 buttons. Others allow the mouse to be configured easily via buttons on and to improve horizontal navigation.


Almost all of the wireless mice are compatible with, and . They adapt to desktops and laptops.

The scope

Class III wireless mice have a range largely sufficient up to 10 meters for the .

How to install a wireless bluetooth mouse ?

Installation of wireless mice is fast and easy thanks to Bluetooth technology (). The installation steps are as follows:

  • Connect the mouse receiver () to one of the ports on your computer / tablet.
  • Press the On button which is located under the mouse.
  • Press the connection button located on the mouse. The connection between the mouse and the device will be done automatically.
  • Shake the mouse so that the cursor appears on the screen.

We hope this full guide will help you make the right choices to buy the wireless mouse best suited to your needs. If you have questions and comments, please do not hesitate to ask them via our comment framework.

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