How to use wireless connectivity with Android Auto?

Android Auto is a practical feature that allows you to use your phone functions, such as music and navigation apps, safely in the car. And in most cases, you need to connect your phone to your car with a USB cable to take advantage of Android Auto.

However, with some phones and cars, you can use Android Auto wireless to connect even more easily. Let’s see if you can try this feature and how to use Android Auto wirelessly if that’s the case.

What is Android Auto Wireless?

If you are not familiar with this feature, take a look at our presentation of Android Auto for everything you need to know. This will teach you how the application works and how to configure it using the normal wired method.

Android Auto wireless is the same product as Android Auto. The only difference is the way you connect. Wireless connection is obviously less complicated, because you don’t have to play with a cable. However, since Android Auto can use a lot of battery when you are running navigation and listening to music on a long trip, it is often a good idea to plug it in to keep your phone charged anyway.

So if you can use Android Auto wirelessly, you can prefer it to short discs, while continuing to connect via USB for longer journeys.

What do I need to connect with Android Auto Wireless?

Unfortunately, Android Auto wireless is not available on all telephones and vehicles. It is not possible to use Android Auto only via Bluetooth, because Bluetooth cannot transmit enough data to manage the functionality. Consequently, the wireless option of Android Auto is only available on cars with an integrated Wi-Fi connection or on the central spare units supporting this functionality.

Take a look at the Android Auto compatibility page to see which vehicles and stereo units are eligible. This list does not indicate all the cars taking over the wireless projection with Android Auto, you may need to check with the manufacturer to make sure. Typically, wireless Android Auto will only work in car models around 2020 and beyond, as it has been a recent feature.

You will also need to have an Android phone compatible with Android Auto wireless. At the time of writing, the following telephones support the functionality :

  • All phones with Android 11 or later
  • Any Google or Samsung phone running under Android 10
  • A Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 + or Note 8 with Android 9 Pie

Your device must also support the 5 GHz Wi-Fi, which almost all modern phones should use.

How to use Android Auto Wireless

The use of Android Auto Wireless is simple. After confirming that your phone and car are compatible, make sure your phone has Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Place all activated. You can easily check them using the buttons in the panel fast Settings, accessible by dragging twice from the top of the screen down.

To connect, make sure your car is parked, then start it. Connect your phone to the USB port of your car using a cable, which is necessary for the initial connection. If you are invited, you will need to download or update Android Autoapp on your phone.

Then, browse the configuration instructions to grant Android Auto the necessary authorizations, as indicated in the previously linked presentation article.

Once everything is done, you are ready to use Android Auto with your car. Press the Android Auto icon on the screen of your car to launch it – it can be hidden in a menu called Applications, Telephone connection or the like.

You are now free to use Android Auto wireless. You can disconnect the USB cable and Android Auto will continue to operate, and you will no longer need it to connect in the future. Exit Android Auto by pressing the vehicle manufacturer’s entrance to the Android Auto apps list, or by clicking the button Home on your main unit, if applicable.

If you have any problems and are sure that your phone and car take care of Android Auto wirelessly, follow our troubleshooting steps to repair Android Auto .

Android Auto Wireless, Made Easy

That’s all you need to access Android Auto wirelessly in your car. Unfortunately, from now on, this functionality is limited to specific telephones and vehicles. But over time, we hope to see more cars take over the function.

For now, you can still enjoy Android Auto with a cable. There are many applications that will help you make the most of your experience.

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