Top 10 Best Wireless Vacuum cleaner 2022?

What is a wireless vacuum cleaner ?

Wireless vacuum cleaners are a type of vacuum cleaner whose particularity is to operate with a rechargeable battery. From the point of view of the components, they are classic vacuum cleaners, but since they do not have a sled, they are much more manageable.

Equipped with a head, a tube and a suction motor, they offer more and more convincing performances compared to other vacuum cleaners. Often presented in the form of broom vacuum cleaners, they can operate on a cyclonic separation mode or with a filtration bag.

How a wireless vacuum cleaner works ?

The operating mode of a wireless vacuum cleaner is different depending on the type of suction of the device. In the case of a broom vacuum cleaner without a cyclonic wire, the trash is collected directly in a dust container. The air is then filtered and expelled outwards, often thanks to an opening on the vacuum cleaner handle just below the outlet.

We are talking about a cyclonic system, because the particles are sucked into the tube before falling inert in the tank thanks to gravity. For other types of wireless vacuum cleaners, filter bags are integrated. In this case, the operation is the same as for any traditional vacuum cleaner.

Benefits & fields of application

The benefits of wireless vacuum cleaners are numerous when compared to other models. First, they are much more manageable than their counterparts with a thread and sled. Here, no need to stop your cleaning session as soon as you change rooms or pull a heavy sled, one hand is enough to clean everything.

In addition, this model of vacuum cleaner also has the particularity of being modular (in most cases). Can be transformed into a hand vacuum cleaner, it then allows cleaning above furniture or in vehicles. Finally, often equipped with HEPA filters, it cleans up the ambient air.

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What types of wireless vacuum cleaners exist ?

There are several types of wireless vacuum cleaner found in different comparisons. The first is the broom vacuum cleaner which, as the name suggests, has the shape of a broom. The brush vacuum cleaner comes in two other forms depending on its suction mode: cyclonic vacuum cleaner and vacuum cleaner with bag.

Then there is also the hand vacuum cleaner which has the particularity of being even more manageable and light (but also less powerful) than the broom vacuum cleaner. Finally, we can also classify in this category, the robot vacuum cleaner. Using innovative technology, this type of device is completely autonomous and is increasingly popular with households.

Information on the 7 main manufacturers

A German company created at the end of the 19th century, Rowenta is a benchmark household appliance brand in Europe. Even today, it continues to innovate in the area of household appliances and dominates the market for wireless vacuum cleaners and is frequently found in the best comparative.

Product evaluation

RH9057WO Rowenta Ball vacuum test – the high performance wireless vacuum cleaner

The RH9057WO wireless broom vacuum cleaner from Rowenta is part of the brand’s Air Force 360 range. A high standard range from which all components have been carefully selected. In terms of autonomy, first of all, the youngest at Rowenta has a lithium-ion battery of 21.9 volts. This allows it to be able to be used 30 minutes at full power and to only require 3 hours to load.

Then, its design and ergonomics both classify this product as one of the best on the market. A simple press on the running button is enough to make it work and a very efficient boost function is associated with it. At full speed, you will have no difficulty getting rid of most of the dust.

This broom vacuum cleaner also pays for the luxury of having a particularly efficient cyclonic system. As for the tank, it has a capacity of 0.4 liters and empties very intuitively by means of a simple lever.

Quality equipment that honors the Air Force 360 range at Rowenta and is cited in the best comparisons.

The most :

  • Very light (2.8 kg) and handy.
  • Optimal suction power.
  • A discreet and pleasant design.

The least :

Wireless broom vacuum test UP600 H. Koenig – the best value for money

Bestseller on online sales sites like Amazon, the wireless vacuum cleaner UP600 H. Koenig was able to seduce thanks to its price and its qualities. But is he true to his reputation ? The answer will depend on what you are looking for in a broom vacuum cleaner. Because, according to its basic characteristics, this vacuum cleaner has nothing to envy to the competition.

Its autonomy is 40 minutes and its storage capacity is 0.8 liters. In both cases, it therefore outperforms most other wireless devices. But that’s not all, because the UP600 H. Koenig is also very silent since it does not exceed 65 dB

On the other hand, suction power level, it is a little less efficient than the market cadors, which is understandable given its price. With this device, more emphasis was placed on maneuverability and ergonomics. This is why it weighs less than 2 kg and is accompanied by an effective rotary brush. Finally, it can turn into a hand vacuum cleaner, very useful for cleaning every corner of the house.

The most :

  • Very good autonomy.
  • An interesting storage capacity.
  • A sound level in the low average.

The least :

Bosch BBH2P14L test wireless broom vacuum cleaner – the most balanced wireless vacuum cleaner

The Bosch BBH2P14L is not the most powerful, handy, wireless vacuum cleaner or the most powerful battery. However, it remains effective in all areas and has only minor faults. Aspiration power level, first of all, it has no trouble removing the bulk of the dust from the long-haired rugs. This device also has a dimmer, which allows the user to choose his power level himself so that the rotary brush is most effective depending on the soil.

The Bosch BBH2P14L also has very good performance in terms of autonomy since its battery can operate for almost 35 minutes. A time that ranks it above most other models. This device is also very handy. It weighs only 2.1 kg, which is relatively light and has a perfectly ergonomic handle. As for the dust container, it offers a storage capacity of 0.4 L and is very simple to empty. Ultimately, if the Bosch BBH2P14L is not the best wireless vacuum cleaner, it presents very convincing arguments in all areas.

The most :

  • Excellent value for money.
  • Fearsome efficiency on all soils.

The least :

Frequent deficiencies and shortcomings: what to watch when purchasing a wireless vacuum cleaner ?

The purchase of a wireless vacuum cleaner should not be done on a whim. It must meet specific household needs to be as efficient as possible. The first thing to check is suction power. Indeed, depending on your soils, the latter may be insufficient to offer optimal aspiration.

Then find out about the reliability of the product. It may seem interesting to buy a cheap wireless vacuum cleaner, but nothing will guarantee its quality (autonomy, robustness, ergonomics). Hence the usefulness of taking advantage of the useful information made available by purchasing guides and comparators of independent products like ours.

Finally, other factors can influence your choice such as the number of decibels, the presence of HEPA filters and of course the brand’s notoriety.

The advantages and disadvantages according to customer comments

The advantages identified in the comparisons

  • Sufficient suction power: buyers of a wireless vacuum cleaner sometimes worry about its power. But after use, most are satisfied with this aspect of their product.
  • Compactness and discretion: the vast majority of wireless vacuum cleaners are placed on a wall base. A plastic storage and which takes up very little space according to the users.
  • Good autonomy: to be able to clean in a single charge, it is important that the autonomy is sufficient on a wireless broom vacuum cleaner. This aspect is particularly taken into account by manufacturers of vacuum cleaners and this is reflected in customer comments.
  • Silent devices: we see it on reading user returns, the few decibels emitted by wireless broom vacuum cleaners is a real advantage compared to those deployed by traditional vacuum cleaners.
  • A great versatility: wireless vacuum cleaners also seduce thanks to their versatility. Several suckers and rotary brushes, possibility of transforming the device into a hand vacuum cleaner … Everything is thought to make these household accessories as complete as possible.
  • The presence of HEPA filters: people who suffer from allergies are particularly satisfied with the presence of HEPA filters on their vacuum cleaners. So the air in their house is cleaner.
  • One of the problems that wireless vacuumers may face is getting dirty when emptying their dustbox. The new models therefore integrate safety and easy opening. An innovation appreciated by all.
  • Useful accessories sold with the product: whether it is nozzles of different sizes and shapes or supports to keep the vacuum cleaner on the wall, customers are generally satisfied with the accessories sold with their wireless broom vacuum cleaner.
  • Robust material: the battery, the different heads, the suction tube … All of these components are considered, most of the time, to be fairly solid by buyers. This opinion is even shared for inexpensive vacuum cleaners who have great robustness despite their price.

The disadvantages identified in the comparisons

  • A too heavy broom vacuum cleaner: although the main interest of wireless broom vacuum cleaners is their maneuverability, some are too heavy for prolonged use.
  • Insufficient power on certain materials: on a traditional carpet, wireless vacuum cleaners sometimes have difficulty recovering animal hair, for example. In any case, this is the finding of several users.
  • The rotary brush makes a lot of noise: this problem is one of the most common malfunctions on wireless vacuum cleaners. A problem that only the technical support of your brand can solve.
  • A suction head a little too large to pass under the furniture. Some people have very low furniture. As a result, the sucker from their vacuum cleaner cannot be used to clean below.
  • An autonomy that weakens after several uses: if during the first uses the battery works well, it may happen that it loses a lot of its autonomy thereafter. A recurring problem pointed out by several customer comments
  • A difficult emptying of the tank: the handle of the tank can sometimes be complicated to remove. Some people explain that they have to use a knife to get there.
  • Capacities that do not correspond to the characteristics of the products: whether in terms of autonomy or suction power, some vacuum cleaners do not have the capabilities promised by advertising and brands. This may however be due to a manufacturing defect, so we must remain vigilant.
  • An undiscrete and efficient storage medium: some customers complain about the wall support which allows them to store their vacuum cleaner. For them, it is too visible in a room and may present certain difficulties when attaching the device. A slight defect, of course, but which often comes up in the comments.

This is how the subject is tested

The tests carried out on the broom vacuum cleaners are based on precise criteria to be as efficient as possible. All of this data is studied during professional tests. Then, all the data are collected and then returned so that the result of the best comparisons presents an opinion which is as neutral as possible.


This is the first criterion to take into account. Indeed, the vacuum cleaners who are victorious in our test all have in common to be very ergonomic. Easy to handle, easy to load, easy to empty, they offer optimal use comfort.

Suction power

To be one of the best wireless vacuum cleaners, devices must meet minimum power criteria. The best products exceed 400 watts. So it is to these that you should turn if power is paramount to you, as explained in the best comparisons.


Rotary brush material, other types of suckers, tank capacity, HEPA filters … All these elements are analyzed during a test and make it possible to define the overall product score and therefore the probable opinion of consumers.


Another important point to check during a product evaluation: battery autonomy. Indeed, operating without a wire, a broom vacuum cleaner must be able to last an entire cleaning session to be validated during the tests produced.

The noise

Last important criterion to analyze: the number of decibels emitted by the wireless vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner is considered to be silent if it is to emit less than 70 dB at full power.

Internet or specialized commerce: where should I rather buy my wireless vacuum cleaner ?

Buying your wireless vacuum cleaner in a home appliance store allows you to take advantage of a seller’s advice and be able to take the object in hand. Aside from these two aspects, it is much more profitable to buy it on the Internet. The first reason is that, online, you can find all the best brands of wireless vacuum cleaners, even the most confidential.

Then, on the web, it is also possible to benefit from the opinion of the entire consumer community. Tests, purchasing guides, comparisons … The most recent data is available to help you choose the best wireless vacuum cleaner.

Finally, online stores very often offer promotions, which allows you to buy excellent quality products at the best price.

Alternatives to wireless vacuum cleaners

The first alternative to wireless vacuum cleaners is obviously the sled vacuum cleaner. More powerful, it allows you to get rid of more dust. But on the other hand, it is often more expensive, much less manageable and silent. The choice must therefore be made according to your priorities.

The other alternative that is starting to be more and more successful with individuals is the robot vacuum cleaner. Fully autonomous, just program it to clean your home alone. However, this technology is not yet fully developed.

Still perfectible on certain aspects, it does not offer optimal cleaning. Currently, the wireless vacuum cleaner therefore remains the best compromise between autonomy, power and ergonomics.

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How to maintain a wireless broom vacuum cleaner ?

The lifespan of this type of device is only two years on average, according to the best comparisons. But if properly maintained, wireless broom vacuum cleaners can last much longer. To do this, clean and change the filters regularly and empty the dust container after each use.

What is the best device between a vacuum cleaner without a cyclonic wire or with a bag ?

These two kinds of vacuum cleaner have fairly similar performances. The cyclonic system may have a slightly higher power, but it is less hygienic because the detritus is deposited in a bin and not in a waterproof bag. Finally, the vacuum cleaner with bag requires more maintenance, but it also has a longer lifespan.

What are the most common failures on a wireless vacuum cleaner ?

Among the most frequent breakdowns cited in the comparisons, we can cite a drastic drop in autonomy after several uses, an unpleasant noise emanating from the rotary brush when it is in action and a gradual decrease in performance (more visible on the models with bag)

Wireless vacuum cleaner or sled vacuum cleaner ?

These two types of vacuum cleaners are not intended for the same consumers. The wireless vacuum cleaner offers a “nomadic” use within the house. Its performance is sufficient for daily cleaning, despite a fairly low autonomy which emerges in the best comparisons. On the contrary, the sleigh vacuum cleaner has no time limit and is much more powerful. In return, its use is much noisier and bulky. The choice will therefore be made between power and maneuverability.

What is the most powerful wireless vacuum cleaner ?

Most of the best wireless broom vacuum cleaners have equivalent suction performance. The most powerful can, however, deploy more than 400 Watt. You can find models like this at Rowenta or Dyson.

What is the most powerful silent wireless vacuum cleaner ?

A vacuum cleaner is considered to be a silent vacuum cleaner below 75 dB in the best comparisons. However, who says less noise also says less power. In the range of silent vacuum cleaners, there is therefore none that really stands out with regard to suction power.

Wireless vacuum cleaner or robot vacuum cleaner ?

The robot vacuum cleaner is making more and more followers. Appreciated for its autonomy and its gadget aspect, it is however not very powerful. Worse, it gets stuck quite easily under the furniture and can sometimes have difficulty getting through simple obstacles like carpets. Although it is a promising household accessory, it can currently only be used as a backup vacuum cleaner.

Wireless vacuum cleaner or steam cleaner ?

These two devices are not the same use, although they are visually similar. The wireless vacuum cleaner removes volatile waste from the soil, while the steam cleaner goes deeper and cleans the encrusted dirt. They are therefore two complementary accessories, but which do not oppose.

Wireless broom vacuum cleaner or hand vacuum cleaner ?

For people who hesitate between buying a wireless broom vacuum cleaner or a hand vacuum cleaner, you should know that many models are flexible. This means that they can switch from one form to the other very quickly. These models also offer very good performances in their two forms.

Should you buy a wireless vacuum cleaner equipped with HEPA filtrations ?

HEPA filters help clean up air passing through the vacuum cleaner. They are therefore not necessary, but very useful, as specified in many comparisons. They are especially interesting for people who suffer from allergies due to dust.

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