Which is the Best Wireless Mechanical Keyboard?

You have had enough of your wire mechanical keyboard ? Welcome to our complete comparison of the best Wireless wireless mechanical keyboards ! For gaming or for work on PC / computer, these computer accessories are real pearls to avoid any error during a game or during writing. We have selected for you TOP 6 of the most fashionable models of the moment in order to allow you to make the right choice easily online.

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  • 2 What is the best wireless mechanical keyboard ? Test and notice

Comparison of the best Bluetooth wireless mechanical keyboard

What is the best wireless mechanical keyboard ? Test and notice

Switches, backlight, macros, reaction, latency: we now enter into the technical details of each mechanical keyboard selected by us in order to allow you to make your final choice with full knowledge of the facts.

Drevo Calibur V2 Pro: RVB Bluetooth 5.1 PC and Mac compatible

This wireless mechanical keyboard with front and side RGB backlight from Drevo offers an ergonomic strike, compact dimensions with 72 keys in total thanks to the integrated function F keys, as well as a double connectivity, wireless Bluetooth 5.1 and wired via a USB-C cable. There are Outemou Blue switches for a pleasant but also precise strike, compatibility with PC and Mac, as well as a gamer mode with n-key roller and anti-ghosting systems to record all key pressures simultaneously.

The user will benefit from 17 different light effects, a detachable cable, but also an adjustable keyboard height for additional comfort. Among the online comments, there is overall satisfaction with this product. On the other hand, we note that some customers sometimes regret some concerns about connection with Bluetooth. Finally, the keyboard recharges quickly and the battery lasts quite a long time for the greatest pleasure of all !

The best model: Logitech G613 Gaming LighSpeed

We are now moving on to the best product of this comparison and it is Logitech’s wireless gaming keyboard that wins the game. The latter offers precision and striking comfort, including long-term batteries, product solidity or even 6 programmable keys for optimal speed and accessibility during your games. The switches on this keyboard are Romer-G tactiles and the distribution is AZERTY. It is also sold in English, German or US international. In terms of lighting, there is RVB Lightspeed.

In addition to the batteries, you will also receive a USB Lightspeed receiver, a support for the mobile phone as well as a USB cable extension. The only small downside we have found is its weight and dimensions. Indeed, this model is not made to be moved and must therefore rather remain in the same place.

Best quality / price ratio: Corsair K57 RGB Wireless Azerty

Quality without ruining yourself ? This is what the Corsair brand offers you with an AZERTY membrane keyboard in black colors. This offers advantages such as three connection modes via Wireless, Bluetooth or wired, intense RGB LED Capellix backlight for each key, 6 dedicated programmable macros keys or commands for volume and multimedia so as not to interrupt a part in Classes.

We also appreciate his removable wrist rest for more comfort during play or work as well as the autonomy of the extended battery. Indeed, the latter can last up to 175 hours or 35 hours with the RGB backlight engaged. However, it should be noted that it is a membrane keyboard, and that the strike, although pleasant, will not be the same as that offered by the switches.

Cheap: A-Jazz AK33 Anti Ghosting

We are now continuing with a mini wireless keyboard of 82 keys, perfect for being moved easily without cluttering. It has Blue switches offering a pleasant tactile return, anti-ghosting as well as complete RGB lighting with 19 different effect possibilities. With your keyboard, you will receive a brush to clean, a cable, but also a support for more stability.

The online comments are mainly positive, except for one detail: the metallic noise produced by the keys during typing. Indeed, this noise disturbs several users. For the rest, it is a product that does its job well for the price at which it is sold. In terms of material quality, it is made of aluminum alloy as well as high quality ABS making it robust and durable.

GameSir signs a 104-key gaming keyboard here with TTC Blue Switchs, providing a Wireless and Bluetooth connection with a distance of up to 10 meters and a battery of 3600 mAh. It will be suitable for Windows PC, MacOS, iOS, Android or even for Linux. It also has white LED backlight and 4 different lighting effects. The materials used for manufacturing are of quality with aluminum alloy and ABS plastic for solidity and elegant rendering. Also, we appreciate the presence of an ergonomic wristrest.

Blue switches offer the user a significant tactile return as well as a very distinctive click when typing. Among the downside boxes noted by online customers, there are some disconnections noted but also a heaviness of the product, which is an advantage if the keyboard should not be moved often.

Here offered in black with blue switches for a tactile and clickable sensation, this compact keyboard is also available for sale in white colors as well as with brown or red switches. Royal Kludge here offers a 61-key wireless model, with Bluetooth 3.0 but also USB and a long-lasting rechargeable lithium-ion battery, up to 10 hours with a single charge. Its great advantage ? Its dimensions allowing it to be transported easily.

The backlight present here is bright and offers 2 different levels of brightness. Also, it automatically goes out after a certain amount of inactivity to save energy. To quibble a little, we note that we would have appreciated a wristrest for more ergonomics during use. For the rest, we are conquered.

The best wireless keyboard and gamer mouse packs

You are looking for a set including keyboard and wireless mouse ? Do not buy your products separately, and choose from the Amazon Best Sellers to find the package that best suits you !

Why buy a wireless gamer mechanical keyboard ?

Is a wireless keyboard really more convenient than a wired keyboard ? To answer this question, we have listed for you below the main advantages offered by a Wireless keyboard.

  • The wireless keyboard offers an essential advantage: that of being able to keep distance from your screen. Indeed, due to its connectivity via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, it is a product which offers you an additional retreat with the screen and which will therefore be less harmful to your eyes during the parts or during your work.
  • The second benefit we have to make is the lack of cable. Whether for the aesthetic side or for the practical side, not having a power cord is a real asset.

Purchase guide: how to choose your Bluetooth mechanical keyboard ?

To choose a mechanical keyboard, you must first know and learn about the general selection criteria such as:

  • The format of the desired keyboard,
  • The type of switch (Cherry MX Red, Blue, Brown …),
  • Macros available,
  • The proposed backlight,
  • Key distribution,
  • Compatibility with other devices (PS4, MAC …),
  • Anti-ghosting,
  • The distance of activation of the key,
  • The necessary actuating force,
  • The dimensions as well as the weight of the product.

And when you opt for a wireless keyboard, other selection criteria are added as:

  • Connectivity with the screen, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth,
  • The maximum distance offered between the keyboard and the screen,
  • The refill / refill time of the keyboard.

You are looking for a keyboard with other characteristics ?

Silent mechanical keyboard, RGB, AZERTY or even for gamer: we have created different comparisons and purchasing guides on the various types of keyboards. Browse our articles to find your happiness among the best products, sold by the best brands only.

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